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Selling to Your Customers

When does the engineer stop engineering and start selling? Who are you selling to and how do you get scale in the market place? Do you really know your customer of today and tomorrow? Where are the emerging technologies, markets and economies, will these effect how and where you trade? What are the first mover advantage or second mover lessons learnt?

In this immersive module participants will benefit from:

  • Lessons from the front line as leaders in technology, product and service sectors share their learnings warts and all.
  • Learn from the experts on how to understand your customer and the core attributes of success in sales and marketing.
  • How to build your pipeline by analysing the success and failure of the top ten winners and losers in sales and marketing. What made them and what broke them.
  • Developing your sales pitch. You will present your sales and marketing plan to your peers as critical friends who will then support you, where necessary, to redefine your plans.