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By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs: Scale up Scotland puts the entrepreneur at the heart of everything we do. But don’t take our word for it here are a few reflections from some of our inaugural cohort.



Scale Up Scotland speakers are of a high calibre throughout and the sessions challenge from day one

Darina Garland

Scale Up Scotland’s session with Bob Keiller on the art of communicating a vision was instrumental in our £8.5m Series A fundraise

Andrew Parfery

At Scale-up Scotland you meet inspiring cross sector entrepreneurs and have the opportunity to explore common challenges as a group

Marie Owen

Scale-up Scotland gives you time out of business to think and has an actionable take home from each session.

Callum Murray

Scale-up Scotland events constitute a trusting and respectful space… with no egos! The cohort is made up of focused and driven individuals, working hard to scale their own business, but everyone makes time to both listen and offer council to each other. It is a privilege to be able to share thoughts with such a talented group, all of whom have grown in capability and stature and have totally inspired me over the past year.

Ross Tuffee

The Scale-Up-Scotland has been a very worthwhile endeavour and experience for both EnteroBiotix and me personally. The quality of the cohort was phenomenal and the guest speakers at each meet up are also world class. I would strongly recommend this course to any Founder or CEO that is leading a fast-growing business with international ambition. Thank you to the Hunter Foundation, Entrepreneurial Scotland and all of the speakers for making it happen.

Dr James McIllroy

The Scale-up Scotland group is both a support mechanism and a spring board. We share challenges and experiences that friends, and family just don’t understand. The session with Mark Beaumont was game-changing for us. We have adopted his philosophy of not just setting high expectations but working to a whole new set of averages.

Jo Chidley

Scale-up Scotland brings together different companies, with different problems, and through challenging and supporting each other there is an immensely positive effect.

Claus Marquordt

I’ve aimed to bring at least one new thing back to the business after each two-day block. That could be focus in a specific area, an approach, or a different way of looking at an issue – and so far, I haven’t failed to do this. The programme content is consistently thought provoking and relevant to a company looking to scale.

Sarah Mathieson

Scale up Scotland puts together the cohort in such a way where everyone has something to contribute. It creates a safe and respectful place to be challenged and share successes. Scale Up Scotland has allowed the time and space to work on the business rather than in it. I have made a positive change following each session; from restructuring the organisation to introducing a new delivery approach.

Marie Claire Tully

The idea behind Scale up Scotland is great but even more impressive has been the inspiring programme that has been delivered to the first cohort. It does not surprise me that collectively as a group we have seen significant growth within our companies. To be around aspirational, high integrity, like-minded Entrepreneurs and business owners whilst simultaneously being coached by top business leaders is a recipe for success. I feel very lucky to have been selected to be on the first programme and look forward to putting my training into action to help Digitonic scale and exit.

Grant Fraser,